Steget srl in team with Design Forum Ltd, win the tender: Design & build contract for new international multipurpose sports complex at Triolet – Mauritius

First Prize

Steget srl in team with Design Forum Ltd, Architectura MIC, Lux-Consult (Mtius) Ltd, OCAL Ltd, Pro-Five Ltd, Lord Cultural Resources, win the tender: Consultancy Services Restoration of the Old Military Hospital at Port-Louis and its conversion into a National Art Gallery – Mauritius

First Prize

Ideas competition for the achievement of a new school building in Trinitá (CN)
“The formative district – Sport and education, a space for growing up”

First prize, given with unanimous agreement of the committee for a project of “great formal, physical and functional integration (…) excellently developed and extremely convincing”

“Redevelopment and equipment of the square opposite the municipal building”
Competition organized by the Municipality of Pino Torinese (TO) to restructuring the central area with urban improvement measures.

First Price

“The City, the River, the Hill”
International competition held by the City of Turin to renew and reorganise the urban infrastructures of the city. The aim was to increase the value of historical and environmental resources of Piazza Vittorio Veneto – Po banks – Gran Madre di Dio square in Turin (TO).

Third Price

“Contributions to the research and the town–planning of the Canavesana Area”
Regional – wide book made in collaboration with the Tourism, Sports, Sailing departments, Olympics 2006 and with the Cultural assets, Education, Universities, Youth Policy Promotion Departments, Piedmont Region Parks