PATRIZIA GIACOMELLI is a STEGET Senior Associate Architect (M.Sc.) with 22 year-experience in heritage enhancement and sustainable development holding the position of Technical Director of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development unit in Italy and in Georgia. She has been performing technical services for many Italian Municipalities developing specific experience in cultural heritage enhancement, landscape quality, urban upgrading, and city colors plans. She has successfully participated as team leader in over 25 enhancement projects, always with the objective of local resource enhancing in terms of sustainable development. Over the years, she has been involved in Italy as Team Leader in some local development plans funded by the European Union and focused on conservation and valorization of local architecture able to develop new sustainable economies. Since 2012 she has been managing as Team Leader or Project Director also international projects funded by the World Bank and United Nation Development Programme in Georgia, Turkey, Mauritius, India and Nigeria. In addition to her extensive experience, she has excellent social skills, which support her to flexibly manage multinational projects.